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Pinnacle South Africa

Pinnacle is South Africa's leading IT distribution company. We provide an expansive selection of world-class technology products, seamlessly delivered across our expansive network.

The discovery of Pinnacle Point cave complex near Mossel Bay provides us with a rare glimpse into the lives of Africa's first humans. During an extended ice age between 195,000 and 123,000 years ago, cold and dry climate conditions left much of Africa uninhabitable, leaving this part of the coast as a haven.

We are South Africa’s leading ICT distribution company

Pinnacle South Africa is one of South Africa's leading ICT distributors, providing world-class technology products through an expansive network. With a reputation as a dependable partner to many customers, the company boasts record sales for the past calendar year.

Tim Humphreys-Davies, CEO of Pinnacle, reported the company had its most successful calendar year ever. Gross profit increased by nearly 22% to R1.6 billion while net profit increased by 14% to R293 million.

Nutanix recently unveiled their next-generation data centre infrastructure solutions, as part of a partnership to enable resellers to offer cutting-edge hyperconverged technology to their clients.

Humphreys-Davies noted that their collaboration with Nutanix is part of a wider strategy to assist their reseller partners in running more efficient data centre operations. Through the agreement, Nutanix will distribute their unified and intelligent data center platform to Humphreys-Davies' reseller partners.

He acknowledged the company had been slow to pursue opportunities within cyber security, but its efforts have paid off and it has established itself as one of the leading vendors in this space. Already, they've generated significant business with vendors and reseller partners within this arena - which they remain confident will continue doing so.

However, the company must remain committed to its broader strategy: offering customers a wide variety of technology products. To do this, they will focus on providing top-notch solutions with unsurpassed service and support.

As South Africa embarks on its digital transformation journey, it is now more important than ever to ensure your clients have the best experience when integrating and optimizing their IT environment. Pinnacle and Huawei have joined forces to give partners access to cutting-edge solutions like AirEngine WiFi 6 or OceanStor Dorado - from AirEngine WiFi 6 up through OceanStor Dorado.

We offer a broad range of worldclass technology products seamless delivered across an extensive network

Pinnacle South Africa is a leading ICT distributor with access to an expansive network of world-class technology products, seamlessly delivered. Our mission is to provide our partners and their end-user customers with exceptional service, allowing them to maximize the advantages offered by today's digitally empowered workplace.

We offer our partners and their end-users a comprehensive suite of world-class technology solutions, from enterprise security to wireless broadband connection. Additionally, our high-performance desktop and mobile computing products enable users to work more productively, with greater flexibility, at lower costs.

Cloud computing has revolutionized how businesses operate, necessitating organisations to manage their applications and infrastructure more efficiently than ever before. The software-defined data centre (SDDC) and software-defined networking (SDN) are two key areas of innovation which can help businesses capitalise on these trends.

ALE is one of the leading providers of SDN-enabled networking solutions worldwide, offering a comprehensive offering that leverages both hardware and software. SDN provides organisations with an orchestration and automation platform so they can efficiently allocate resources flexibly and quickly, as well as gain increased insight into their networks' performance.

As business culture continues to shift away from a fixed workplace towards one that is more agile and remote, so too has the demand for mobile notebooks that can support this new way of working. Our high-performance Intel processor mobile notebooks are ideal for various business use cases such as remote work and multi-cloud management.

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), network connectivity has never been more critical, serving as a hub to link devices, sensors and actuators in an interconnected system. At D-Link we offer the latest routers and switches from leading providers like D-Link as well as various WAN optimization and cloud solutions to help with this process.

We are a trusted partner

With more than four decades of experience, Pinnacle South Africa has forged a reputation for offering cutting-edge products and services while fulfilling our promises. This has allowed us to foster strong partnerships with customers and expand our business into multiple sectors.

We've assisted businesses to unlock their data and use it for more efficient decision-making. This includes helping companies in life sciences, insurance, retail and communications transform their systems with our SAS solutions to enhance efficiency.

Our extensive expertise in harnessing SAS' potential gives us a special understanding of how to make best use of this powerful tool and ensure our clients receive the maximum return on their investment. We offer business intelligence implementation, database development, system design and statistical analysis services so you can quickly gain the insights necessary for making informed decisions.

At the same time, we are your go-to advisor and can assist with managing your environment whether it is virtualized or on-premises. This has been the keystone of our success - which has earned us the Global Outsourcing Service Partner of the Year 2020 SAP(r) Pinnacle Award.

The Pinnacle Awards are given annually to SAP partners that demonstrate exceptional achievement in developing and growing their partnership with SAP, as well as helping customers run more efficiently. Winners and finalists are determined by recommendations from SAP, customer feedback, and performance indicators.

African Bank has leveraged their partnership with Loylogic and Pinnacle Rewards to develop a loyalty program designed not only to boost customer engagement and foster responsible financial behavior, but also measure its effects and enhance their business operations. Through the new loyalty program, African Bank customers will enjoy discounts on everyday transactions as well as exclusive aspirational rewards.

This is a groundbreaking initiative for both African Bank and their customers, reflecting their heritage as 'a bank for the people, by the people, serving the people'. Additionally, this loyalty program is unique in that it emphasizes inclusivity while still driving financial wellbeing and improving customer retention.

We are committed to delivering excellence

At Pinnacle South Africa, we strive to be the gold standard in ICT distribution. Our passion lies in providing our partners with superior service and support throughout their digital transformation journey.

Pinnacle South Africa is a premier distributor of top-tier technology products, boasting extensive expertise in the IT sector. Our team of highly experienced engineers guarantee that each product portfolio is handled with the utmost care, precision and attention to detail.

At our company, we understand that productivity is key for business success and the right technology and solutions can make all the difference. We collaborate with our clients to understand their specific requirements and deliver a holistic solution that will boost employee engagement, boost profitability and maximize growth potential.

Our Guardian programs and Microsoft's Office 365 suite of applications give our clients the tools they need to maximize their technology investment and ensure employees are always working smarter and faster. Combining these cutting-edge solutions with comprehensive support services, we deliver business results which drive true value and increase user adoption of IT.

In today's data-driven business world, having access to accurate and timely information is paramount for making informed decisions. That is why we are thrilled to be the first distributor in South Africa to offer Nutanix's DX platform.

The DX platform provides our clients with a dependable cloud computing infrastructure to host their mission-critical workloads. It also boasts numerous built-in features and services that make it simpler to use and administer, such as unified backup, VM management and an extensive set of security controls.

Data is the cornerstone of success for our clients. By giving them real-time access to their information, we guarantee that they can take the most efficient and precise actions to meet their goals and objectives.

Our Commvault team is highly skilled and technically capable of supporting our clients with their deployments. As such, achieving Foundation level Commvault Service Advantage Distributor status was an obvious next step in our commitment to giving our clients all of the assistance they need to maximize their investments in Commvault.