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Betco South Africa

Betco is a chemical and equipment manufacturer known for their superior products that help our customers succeed in commercial cleaning. They produce an extensive selection of chemicals, cleaners and maintenance items used across food service, retail and industrial markets.

They boast extensive distribution across the US, Canada and Mexico with better chemistry, superior equipment and an integrated maintenance management process.

Betco is a chemical and equipment manufacturer known for high-performing products that help our customers win in the commercial cleaning industry.

Betco South Africa provides high-performing cleaning products for use in industrial facilities, retail stores, hotels and other commercial establishments. These are used to remove stains, grime from floors, walls and other surfaces while disinfecting and sanitizing them.

They come in various forms such as liquids, sprays, powders and granules. Formulated with mineral acids and chelates to remove dirt, stains and germs from surfaces.

Common cleaning chemicals used in commercial and residential settings include detergents, sanitizers, degreasers and floor cleaners. These products are often marketed as eco-friendly or organic due to their ability to reduce chemical usage that is hazardous for the environment.

As more consumers become concerned about the detrimental effects certain chemical products can have on their health, they are turning towards cleaners made with natural ingredients that have less hazardous side effects. Furthermore, they avoid products containing toxic or corrosive compounds.

Furthermore, they are continuously searching for ways to increase productivity and efficiency. One way they have done so is by automating the order-to-invoice process through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). While this improved efficiencies, many employees were still disconnected from this vital step in the workflow.

Furthermore, they were receiving numerous EDI penalties from customers. This created additional costs for the business and necessitated finding a more suitable solution.

Another issue they faced was having a large number of accounts with various billing cycles and payment terms. This presented them with difficulty gaining visibility into the processes occurring within each account. To solve this problem, they needed to establish an efficient channel for customers and vendors to communicate with one another so all parties were involved.

With this in mind, they created an online portal where customers could purchase all their commercial cleaning products and supplies conveniently. Their goal was to make it simple for customers to stock up on what they need to stay ahead of the competition in this sector of commercial cleaning.

Betco is a global supplier of parts for tractors and agricultural machinery.

Betco has a long and successful history of helping its customers increase productivity. Their comprehensive selection of products, services, cleaning chemicals, equipment and training resources are tailored to help their clients stay ahead of the competition.

Their global reach and ability to offer great value for money mean their customers can take advantage of a wide range of solutions without breaking the bank.

They are a leader in steel structure livestock buildings for the poultry industry, with offices around the world. Their impressive list of awards includes that for largest metal building fabrication and largest metal barn. Most recently they completed an acquisition with Chinese firm Qingdao Betco Asia; this expansion has given them global reach and allowed them to remain at the top of their game when it comes to steel frame fabrication.

Betco is a global supplier of chemicals.

Betco is a worldwide provider of chemicals, disinfectants and equipment designed to help its customers succeed in the commercial cleaning industry. With more than 250 unique formulations and an extensive line of specialty cleaning equipment, Betco provides everything needed for success on any scale. Furthermore, they employ a comprehensive maintenance management process that offers cost savings through improved efficiency and fewer errors. The company's success is due to their extensive network of distributors and commitment to delivering superior products to customers across North America, South Africa, Mexico and Central America. Recently they opened a South African branch as well as an international trade desk which allowed them to expand globally. Furthermore, EDC (Electronic Data Interchange) technology is employed for automated B2B exchanges between suppliers and clients.

Betco is a global supplier of equipment.

Betco provides a complete selection of equipment to tackle any cleaning task, from special floor-scrubbing machines to heavy duty stripping machines. They also manufacture various chemicals designed to help customers succeed in the commercial cleaning industry, from disinfectants and floor care products to skin care items. Their renowned equipment and chemicals are sold worldwide through an extensive global distribution network which enables them to provide customers with better chemistry and superior equipment that helps them achieve superior results on time and within budget.

Betco began expanding into new markets and offering new product lines, necessitating them to adapt their operational infrastructure. They transitioned away from manual processes in customer service and account receivables to an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) strategy that provided greater visibility into the order-to-invoice process in order to reduce penalties and enhance efficiency.